Feb. 27th, 2013

zoicite: (BH :: Being Human 1955)
Being Human Details (aka I'm resisting the urge to write fannish love letters to Andrew Purcell):

This is really nerdy, but a week or so ago I caught myself wondering where Hal obtained the exercise bike that's in his room. (photos under the cuts) )Did he find it somewhere in the house, or did he go out and buy it (clearly used)? Did he and Tom end up at another resale shop in search of used exercise equipment?

I randomly decided to start rewatching series 3 today, and guess what makes a special guest appearance in 3x01! )

I'd totally forgotten that the basement was advertised as a gym when George, Nina, and Mitchell went to view the house.

Mostly, I just really love following moving furniture on this show. So much. At this point the house in Barry might actually be my favorite character...which means there are probably posts forthcoming regarding wallpaper, musical beds, unopened doors, photos, messes, and Annie's homemaking vs. Hal's.

(screencap credit: Season 4 - lj user = letsey_x, Season 3 - lj user = brasaremean)