Mar. 1st, 2013

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Being Human Details: Leo's Picture and Hal's Chess Set

I was watching the extra scene from 4x06 with Hal and Adam and the lute talk the other day and Leo's picture on the mantle in Hal's room caught my eye.

In 4x04, before Kirby breaks it, the photo is held in a black frame.

photo for reference )

When Annie kicks Hal out of the house he packs the picture, probably along with the dominoes and the chess set and the contents of his leather bag (which appears to contain a deck of cards, a smaller travel sized set of black dominoes and a seashell, among other things), as suggested by the tidiness of his room later in the episode.

Kirby's mess and Hal's packed bags )

The photo is back on Hal's mantle by 4x06, but it doesn't look like Hal ever replaced the black frame that Kirby broke. In the youtube clip above and in the photo from 4x07 below, it appears the picture with the white mat is just propped against the wall without a frame.

photo from 4x07 )

I'm not actually sure what the point of this post is, except that I found it interesting that the frame is never replaced.

Oh! And the chess set. I meant to talk about the chess set. This falls more into my Annie vs. Hal as head homemaker category, but I love that once Hal has been released from the chair and is able to clean/organize again in series 5, he moves his chess set from his bedroom to a prominent location on the table at the front of the main room.

photo from 5x02 )

That appears to be the chess set's permanent home now (except when Hal removed it to use the space for his blank puzzle). It makes me think that, in whatever random domestic free time there might be between series 5 episodes, Hal is forcing Alex and Tom to sit through lessons on the fundamentals of chess in the hopes that he can get one of them into it enough to play him as a worthy opponent (And then eventually he gives up and just plays against himself.)

(season 4 screencaps: lj user = letseyx, crappy 5x02 screencap: me)