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Hi Yuletide writer! Thank you so much for writing for me! I hope whatever I’ve requested is not giving you massive cause to spend December freaking out and pulling out your hair. I’m seriously easy going, and already appreciate your efforts! I will adore you no matter what you decide to write.

Feel free to ignore this letter and go your own way if that’s what works better for you, but if you’re the sort who likes guidelines and more to work with, I’ve tried to articulate some of my likes and dislikes a little better.

General Likes:
- Endings that feel like beginnings
- first kisses
- looking at life with a sense of humor
- banter
- complicated relationships
- friendships that become more
- I like everything from G rated gen to NC-17
- adventure and the outdoors
- pretty much anything that’s not on my dislikes list, and sometimes even the stuff that is…

General Dislikes:
- I'm not generally an h/c fan, nor am I generally a fan of stories that insert an abundance of angst where the canon doesn't necessarily call for it. I'm not saying that I require my stories to be all sunshine and rainbows all the time (my Downton Abbey request kinda proves otherwise), but I'd also prefer not to receive a story where, say Chloe from Pitch Perfect requires comfort from Beca after some kind of extreme trauma outside of the movie's canon.
- second person pov

Okay, requests! For most of the fandoms I requested, I don’t have much to add other than what I already included in the optional details, so this is mostly a rehash of that (with a few things added here and there):

1. Pitch Perfect (2012): Chloe, Beca, Cynthia Rose

Optional Details: I left the movie convinced that Chloe had all kinds of unrequited feelings for Beca. I'd love a story where this is explored. I'd love a story where Chloe's crush on Beca is requited, but I'm equally interested in a story where said unrequited feelings result in Chloe turning to Cynthia Rose for advice. Perhaps they bond, maybe it becomes more. And if none of that is your thing, then I'd also love something that looks at the characters (any individual character listed or any combination of the three) either before or after the events of the movie.

Additional Optional Details: I don't have a whole lot to add here. Chloe/Beca, Chloe/Cynthia Rose, or no pairing at all, please write what inspires you.

2. Bunheads: Truly Stone

Optional Details: I'd love a story that explores Truly's character. I'd love to read something that explores her changing relationship/friendship with Michelle. Or something about how she fits into the Paradise community. Maybe something exploring the episode with the pirate plumber (though I'm really not looking for a Truly/plumber story here). Or a story about shenanigans with her book club.

Additional Optional Details: Truly is an interesting character to me in that she sometimes seems to be a caricature, way too childish and needy and out there, and at other times she seems 100% competent, responsible, and adult. Either way, somewhere along the line she ended up being my favorite character on this show, so most of all, I'd just love to see a story that's centered around her.

3. Downton Abbey: Sarah O'Brien, Thomas Barrow

Optional Details: I've been itching for a dark dysfunctional almost-but-not-entirely relationshippy O'Brien/Thomas story with blackmail! and backstabbing! messed up and wrong sexual encounters! One-upmanship! cigarettes! some more blackmail! But uh, yes, I realize that this might be kind of out there as far as Downton fic requests are concerned. I would be equally thrilled with a platonic exploration of the relationship between the two characters, or even just a bantery scene of them being gossipy out back with their cigarettes. Really, you could write me any story that includes O'Brien and Thomas being, well, O'Brien and Thomas, and I will be very pleased!

Additional Optional Details: I don't have much else to say here, other than that I really hope that the first section of my optional details didn't scare you away. I really meant the last sentence just as much!

4. As You Like It - Shakespeare: Rosalind (Ganymede), Celia (Aliena)

Optional Details: I would love to see a femslashy encounter between these two during their time in the Forest of Arden. Maybe Celia suddenly finds she's developing feelings for 'Ganymede.' Or perhaps Rosalind gets a little too carried away in her role. If you're not into the femslash element, I'd love to see a story exploring how their retreat into Arden effects their friendship. Do their secret identities and shared exile threaten to drive them apart or work to strengthen their friendship?

Additional Optional Details: Anything Shakespeare seems (at least to me!) like it would be pretty daunting. It isn't necessary for the characters to speak in iambic pentameter or to use Elizabethan terms (though if you offered this fandom because you're comfortable writing it, go for it! I will be both excited and impressed!). If it's less daunting to set the story in a different time period with more modern language, feel free. I'm totally okay with this going somewhat AU. I only ask that the main elements remain - characters, names, general plot, and some kind of outdoor setting, but other than that, have at it!