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Based on his few short moments in the trailer, I'm now very much looking forward to Damien Molony on Ripper Street. I mean, I was looking forward to it anyway because I watched the first series a few weeks back and enjoyed it quite a bit overall and I would keep watching regardless, but Damien Molony in a confessional. Yes, please.

Also, finally a promo shot of him for this show that I actually like (though I think Adam Rothenberg still wins the lineup for me with that head tilt).

Also also, the trailer leads me to believe, based on the similar reaction shots from both Jackson and Damien Molony's character (what is his name? Flight? Flight.) that they're drawing parallels between the two and connecting them both to Drake's statement regarding a bad man going good and um, yes. I would be totally on board with the idea of another miniature (sorry Damien, you're kinda short for this show) Irish version of Jackson.

(Also also also, I did not realize that Adam Rothenberg had done a whole bunch of theatre before apparently heading to the UK for this show. I just googled him and found pictures of him with Santino Fontana, Uzo Aduba, Lily Rabe, and Matthew Maher [who I mostly only ever remember because he has a bit of a speech impediment...and also he randomly happened to be in the last three off-broadway plays I've gone to see with my friend D] doing various theatre-y things. I approve.)