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Hi Yuletide writer! Thank you so much for writing for me! I hope whatever I’ve requested is not giving you massive cause to spend December freaking out and pulling out your hair. I’m seriously easy going, and already appreciate your efforts! I will adore you no matter what you decide to write.

Feel free to ignore this letter and go your own way if that’s what works better for you, but if you’re the sort who likes guidelines and more to work with, I’ve tried to articulate some of my likes and dislikes a little better.

General Likes:
- Endings that feel like beginnings
- first kisses
- looking at life with a sense of humor
- wit
- banter
- complicated relationships
- friendships that become more
- I like everything from G rated gen to NC-17
- adventure and the outdoors
- pretty much anything that’s not on my dislikes list, and sometimes even the stuff that is…

General Dislikes:
- stories where all the men are gay and all the women are straight
- hurt/comfort (unless you're writing for As Meat Loves Salt, in which case I'd be fine with this. Just please please don't write me a story where say Viola from She's the Man turns to Olivia for comfort following some kind of extreme trauma)
- excessive sappy schmoopiness
- second person pov
- stories with no dialogue
- character bashing
- high school a/u’s, modern day a/u’s - really for this challenge pretty much any alternate universe seems like a cop out to me.

Okay, requests! For most of the fandoms I requested, I don’t have much to add other than what I already included in the optional details, so this is mostly a rehash of that (with a few things added here and there):

1. Miranda - Miranda Hart, Gary Preston

Optional Details: I love this show in all of its hilarious ridiculous awkwardness. I’d love to see ANYTHING related to Miranda, Gary, Miranda & Gary, or Miranda/Gary. Seriously, anything. I’d love to see how they met and ended up as friends. I’d love to see them ridiculously handling a ridiculous situation complete with some awkward UST. I’d love awkward kisses/intimate relations. Anything, seriously. I’ll take it.

Additional Optional Details: Nothing to add here. Just requesting this left me with the urge to go rewatch the first 2 series. Such fun!

2. She’s the Man - Olivia Lennox, Viola Hastings

Optional Details: I’d love a story where Olivia still pines for Viola even once she realizes that Viola is Viola and not Sebastian. Bonus if it ends up being reciprocated. More cross-dressing and gender play would be fun, but isn’t necessary, and in the end I’d really prefer Olivia/Viola to Olivia/Sebastian!Viola, if that makes sense.

Additional Optional Details: Man, I love this movie so. I don’t have a whole lot to add to this. Except that I love Duke Orsino also, a really lot, so please don’t get Viola out of that relationship by turning Duke into some massive jerk?

3. As Meat Loves Salt - Christopher Ferris, Jacob Cullen

Optional Details: I’d love to read anything involving Ferris and Jacob set post-novel; an encounter, confrontation, messed up tryst, anything. I’d love a Ferris character study type story. Anything, really. Obviously, this does not have to be a fuzzy happy hearts and flowers kind of story, but if you decide to set it prior to the end of the novel and therefore it is, dripping kisses and all, then that’s more than good too!

Additional Optional Details: Obviously some of my list of general dislikes are canon in this novel, so you know, ignore them? Also, please don’t write something where Jacob is suddenly a great guy, cause that‘s not really the point. He’s a murderer, a rapist, an unreliable narrator, and a jealous asshole. (But let's face it, you could easily get around dealing with all of that by writing from Ferris' POV sometime before they move to the common, and I'm totally good with that! Completely good.) Also also, please don’t write something where Jacob starts calling Ferris ‘Christopher.' It’ll pull me out of the story. Unless he DOES refer to Ferris by his first name in the novel and I’m just forgetting. I don’t think he does though. He thinks of him as Ferris.

4. Playboy Club - Alice Beasley

Optional Details: I would love something centered around Alice. I’d love a character piece, or a little romantic pining thing over any of the bunnies, maybe more on her attraction to Maureen. I‘d love to see more of her with Frances and I‘d love to see more of her friendship/marriage with Sean.

Additional Optional Details: (Just wanted to note that the list above was supposed to read as different suggestions, not suggest that I was looking for ALL of those things in the same story. You don't have to include them all!) A little confused as, based on the yuletters, it looks like other people were requesting Alice, but I wasn't seeing her in the drop down. But honestly, though I'm really pining for an Alice-centric story, of the nominated characters I'd be more than happy with stories focused on Carol Lynne, Brenda, Janie, Frances, or Sean. Not so interested in John Bianchi, but it doesn't mean that I wouldn't happily read about him either, so please write what moves you.
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