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I didn't really think I had anything to say about this week's episode of Ripper Street, but then I read this article and it turned out I had things to say after all. So: Ripper Street 2x02 )
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Based on his few short moments in the trailer, I'm now very much looking forward to Damien Molony on Ripper Street. I mean, I was looking forward to it anyway because I watched the first series a few weeks back and enjoyed it quite a bit overall and I would keep watching regardless, but Damien Molony in a confessional. Yes, please.

Also, finally a promo shot of him for this show that I actually like (though I think Adam Rothenberg still wins the lineup for me with that head tilt).

Also also, the trailer leads me to believe, based on the similar reaction shots from both Jackson and Damien Molony's character (what is his name? Flight? Flight.) that they're drawing parallels between the two and connecting them both to Drake's statement regarding a bad man going good and um, yes. I would be totally on board with the idea of another miniature (sorry Damien, you're kinda short for this show) Irish version of Jackson.

(Also also also, I did not realize that Adam Rothenberg had done a whole bunch of theatre before apparently heading to the UK for this show. I just googled him and found pictures of him with Santino Fontana, Uzo Aduba, Lily Rabe, and Matthew Maher [who I mostly only ever remember because he has a bit of a speech impediment...and also he randomly happened to be in the last three off-broadway plays I've gone to see with my friend D] doing various theatre-y things. I approve.)
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Drafty Being Human fic snippet )

I have no idea where I'm going to end up going with this. I'm thinking ... I think this story might be Alex/Lady Catherine, which - well, we'll see. Right now I'm going back and forth between liking the start of it and thinking it's way too close to how things started for McNair. I'm not sure that matters though, considering that it'll end differently, especially if I go the Alex/Lady Catherine route (which I know sounds like time-traveling crack, and it is, but it might work!). Or, hm, even if I do attempt Alex/Lady Catherine, I might end up scrapping this entirely and going a bit more straight forward with the whole thing, just Alex's POV with none of these flashbacks. Decisions!
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I'm so confused as to who can smell what on Being Human.

Can ghosts smell at all? Annie doesn't seem to have any issues hanging out with Sasha, which suggests that they can't (and I think that would make sense), but then Kirby does that thing where he just kinda inhales that shot while talking to Hal as though he's smelling it in 4x04 and Alex makes that comment about Hal's breath in 4x07.

And then there are werewolves and vampires. Herrick can smell human blood on a different floor of the house. Hal can smell that Allison is a werewolf while he's inside the cafe and she's outside and across the street. Tom, on the other hand, doesn't seem to pick up on the whole werewolf thing and questions if she's a vampire at first. Mitchell realizes that Tom's in the house in 3x04 based on smell (though it takes him a while, really) but in 3x03, George can smell Sasha rotting when she's still outside, and Mitchell's surprised by this, all "What? From here?" which suggests that he can't smell her.

Do werewolves have a heightened sense of smell except when it comes to vampires and their own kind? Tom doesn't seem to realize that Dewy is a vampire until he sees the bite marks on his neck in 4x01, but then he knows that Hal's a vampire right away in 4x02. That might be because Hal looks out of date and out of place and have nothing to do with smell at all, though.

Do vampires only have a heightened sense of smell when it comes to blood specifically? Or blood and, perhaps, werewolves? ...though Lauren had to get pretty freakin' close before she realized George was a werewolf. She was also pretty new to the whole thing. And Sasha's pretty gross and bloody, though I guess Mitchell might not think that's notable, because he can see the blood, so of course he can smell that aspect of the situation. On the other hand, he's surprised a moment later when Annie says that Sasha has a body, so who knows.

Really, I mostly care about the ghost thing right now, as I have a section in the fic I'm working on where Annie mentions not being able to smell, and I'm wondering if that's actually the case or if I should remove it/change it. Hm.
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I spent the weekend in Vermont and Montreal and I'll probably post about that a bit in the next few days, but first some -

Being Human 4x01 nitpicking )


May. 6th, 2013 08:48 pm
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I randomly decided to watch the first episode of the US version of Being Human because I was bored and it's on Netflix and...I kind of enjoyed it? Not all of it, but definitely more than I expected that I would.

BH US talk )
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...I've been rewatching bits of Being Human series 5 for fic research and instead keep catching references alluding to the fact that someone had to deal with Hal's bodily functions while he was tied to that chair.

Dear show: I hate you.

(I don't really hate you. Most of the time.)

But come on. You can't keep your major canon straight over the course of 6 episodes, but in 4 out of 6 of them you can remember to throw in comments and suggestions and props to make sure we *really* get what tying someone to a chair for a month or two would entail?

Yes, since I'm bothering to make this post at all, it's going to include screencaps and quotes )

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Being Human Set Details: More Leo, 5x05:

I feel like I have a lot to say about this episode (mostly about how I loved it), but I have to get to work so I'm just gonna talk about this one little set detail thing for now.

This is not a particularly spoilery sceencap for this episode, but I'll cut anyway.

Hal's bedroom, 5x05 )
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Being Human Details: Leo's Picture and Hal's Chess Set

I was watching the extra scene from 4x06 with Hal and Adam and the lute talk the other day and Leo's picture on the mantle in Hal's room caught my eye.

In 4x04, before Kirby breaks it, the photo is held in a black frame.

photo for reference )

When Annie kicks Hal out of the house he packs the picture, probably along with the dominoes and the chess set and the contents of his leather bag (which appears to contain a deck of cards, a smaller travel sized set of black dominoes and a seashell, among other things), as suggested by the tidiness of his room later in the episode.

Kirby's mess and Hal's packed bags )

The photo is back on Hal's mantle by 4x06, but it doesn't look like Hal ever replaced the black frame that Kirby broke. In the youtube clip above and in the photo from 4x07 below, it appears the picture with the white mat is just propped against the wall without a frame.

photo from 4x07 )

I'm not actually sure what the point of this post is, except that I found it interesting that the frame is never replaced.

Oh! And the chess set. I meant to talk about the chess set. This falls more into my Annie vs. Hal as head homemaker category, but I love that once Hal has been released from the chair and is able to clean/organize again in series 5, he moves his chess set from his bedroom to a prominent location on the table at the front of the main room.

photo from 5x02 )

That appears to be the chess set's permanent home now (except when Hal removed it to use the space for his blank puzzle). It makes me think that, in whatever random domestic free time there might be between series 5 episodes, Hal is forcing Alex and Tom to sit through lessons on the fundamentals of chess in the hopes that he can get one of them into it enough to play him as a worthy opponent (And then eventually he gives up and just plays against himself.)

(season 4 screencaps: lj user = letseyx, crappy 5x02 screencap: me)
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Being Human Details (aka I'm resisting the urge to write fannish love letters to Andrew Purcell):

This is really nerdy, but a week or so ago I caught myself wondering where Hal obtained the exercise bike that's in his room. (photos under the cuts) )Did he find it somewhere in the house, or did he go out and buy it (clearly used)? Did he and Tom end up at another resale shop in search of used exercise equipment?

I randomly decided to start rewatching series 3 today, and guess what makes a special guest appearance in 3x01! )

I'd totally forgotten that the basement was advertised as a gym when George, Nina, and Mitchell went to view the house.

Mostly, I just really love following moving furniture on this show. So much. At this point the house in Barry might actually be my favorite character...which means there are probably posts forthcoming regarding wallpaper, musical beds, unopened doors, photos, messes, and Annie's homemaking vs. Hal's.

(screencap credit: Season 4 - lj user = letsey_x, Season 3 - lj user = brasaremean)
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Trying to figure out how I want to handle fic now that I'm using DW *and* LJ *and* AO3. I really don't want to be uploading it EVERYWHERE each time. I don't know. so for now I think I'm just going to link my stories from the two places I am posting them at the moment and leave it at that.

Title: The Reluctant Relationship
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Word Count: 11,600 words
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Takes place before 2x03
Summary: It happened so often that most of the time John didn’t even bother to protest anymore. So the entire world thought that he and Sherlock were - well, whatever. It was fine. It was really fine.

on LJ or AO3
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Title: Sexual Healing, Almost
Fandom: Rizzoli & Isles
Pairing: Maura Isles/Jane Rizzoli
Word Count: 3,760
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Takes place during 2x01
Summary: It was funny. Maura driving her home, giving her a beer, and asking her to make out was really very funny.

Sexual Healing, Almost )
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