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Birthdate:Jul 30
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
I'm all over the map.

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1776, adirondacks, angel, anne rice, archaeology, arrested development, as meat loves salt, being human, blades of glory, bomb girls, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, bunheads, calf implants, calvin and hobbes, camping, canyon of lodore, champ, christopher j. hanke, claude/berger, colorado, cretaceous, damien molony, days of our lives, deep space nine, devonian, dinosaurs, doctor who, donna noble, douglas sills, drew sarich, earth, evolution, fingersmith, firefly, fossils, gary indiana, gavin creel, geology, greek, guybrush threepwood, gwen/morgana, hair, hal yorke, hiking, icons, indiana jones, interview with the vampire, jeeves & wooster, jesus christ superstar, john adams, ka tet, kids in the hall, knitting, lake champlain, lake champlain sea monster, legend of zelda, lestat, letterboxing, lord of the rings, lost girl, marc kudisch, martha jones, massachusetts, merlin, mesa verde, microbrews, minerals, miranda, misfits, modern family, monkey island, musical theater, musicals, neal/peter/elizabeth, new england, new orleans, new york, new york city, new zealand, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, oceanography, once upon a time, outdoors, paleontology, phantom, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, pretty little liars, priscilla the musical, rent, rizzoli & isles, rocks, rohan, roland deschain, ron bohmer, sailboats, sailing, sam wilson, samsteve, science, seaquest dsv, serenity, shayley, sherlock, simon winchester, smith/wesson, sparrow/norrington, sports night, stephen king, sting, supernatural, susan kay, the dark tower, the office, the scarlet pimpernel, the thing about men, the vampire chronicles, theater, theatre, tom mcnair, true blood, vermiculite, vermont, vestibule, waiting for guffman, white collar, will swenson, zelda, zoolander, zoophycos
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