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Being Human Set Details: More Leo, 5x05:

I feel like I have a lot to say about this episode (mostly about how I loved it), but I have to get to work so I'm just gonna talk about this one little set detail thing for now.

This is not a particularly spoilery sceencap for this episode, but I'll cut anyway.

I LOVE that Hal removed the picture of Leo from his mantle (and then moved the radio over to maintain symmetry). It says so much about what a mess he is and how he feels about his current state.

I imagine that he put the picture in a drawer or one of the wardrobes right before he gave in and drank the blood from Rook's flask at the end of 5x04. He couldn't handle giving in like that with Leo watching.

A couple other random things:
Hatch constantly has chess pieces spread out and lined up on that table in his room, but -- at least in this episode -- there is no chess board. What are you doing?

I thought I had one other set thing to say, but I'm blanking.

Oh! I remember.

THERE'S the pool cue.
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