May. 6th, 2013 08:48 pm
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I randomly decided to watch the first episode of the US version of Being Human because I was bored and it's on Netflix and...I kind of enjoyed it? Not all of it, but definitely more than I expected that I would.

I mean there's stuff I definitely like a lot less. I really like that the BH UK vampires don't have a buttload of superpowers. They aren't super fast or super strong or anything like that, so I dislike that the vampires on the US version do seem to be capable of super speed, and I didn't like the bit where the US version of Herrick pretty much glamoured that other cop. I guess I'm okay with the fact that they can't eat real food though? I don't know. Actually, no, I like that they can subsist on real food on UK BH because it makes drinking blood more of a voluntary act/addiction, so that gets a thumbs down too.

I also don't like the sexed up underground vampire lair. Or shallowly, Sam Witwer's face (his face just bugs me from the nose down. There's something about his mouth and chin. he looks all pinched. It's not as bad in motion as it is in screenshots on Tumblr, but still.)

I do like most of the ghost stuff so far though. I like that Sally can't interact with things yet, and I liked that when Aidan tried to touch her they added a little special effect to show his fingers going right through her hand. Ghosts and touch always seemed so fuzzy on UK BH, so I like that that's set up clearly here.

I also liked the introduction of Josh's sister and his sister's girlfriend, his reunion with his sister, and her following him and accidentally locking them both in the basement room just as he's about to change (first ep is a cliffhanger, and I haven't watched the second part yet. I assume Aidan is going to stop dicking around with the other vampires and come save him. Either that or Sally will figure out how to leave the house. Or maybe Josh WILL actually kill his sister, but I doubt it. This isn't the BBC.)

So yeah, I don't know. Less bad and painful than I was expecting, really, though the vampire stuff is disappointing so far.

eta: Oh, and I like the outside of the house.

eta 2: Ugh, yeah, Aidan came to the rescue with his super vampire speed. I really hate these vampire superpowers a lot.
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