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I spent the weekend in Vermont and Montreal and I'll probably post about that a bit in the next few days, but first some -

Being Human 4x01 nitpicking:
I'm assuming the dude on the radio probably just leaves some things out because of time restraints associated with invading hoards of vampires (also, British TV show, so some NYC hand-waving allowed), but if taken literally, the flashforward at the start of 4x01 makes NYC seem pretty stupid.

The New Yorker on the radio says "We blocked all the bridges. We turned cars on their sides and painted crucifixes on the roofs and hoods, but they came through the sewers and the subways under the Hudson."

I'm really really hoping he's lumping the Lincoln and Holland tunnels in with 'bridges' (since vehicular traffic uses them) because otherwise New York pretty much deserves to lose to the vampires.

Also, you guys blocked the bridges (and hopefully the traffic tunnels), but it never occurred to you to block the subway/train tunnels? Really? So essentially, what you're saying is, you just let the vampires take NJTransit right into the heart of midtown. Oops!

(I don't know if there actually are sewers that go beneath the Hudson. I kind of doubt it, but I'll give the Resistance a pass for not thinking to worry about those.)

Hal the vampire on the radio says "New York has fallen. The Resistance has been crushed. The Earth belongs to the vampires." which suggests pretty strongly that New York was the last major city standing. And if New York WAS the last city to fall, then why were there still bridges and tunnels at all? Vampires are taking over the world and you know they're coming for you, you blow that shit up!

Come on, people.
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