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...I've been rewatching bits of Being Human series 5 for fic research and instead keep catching references alluding to the fact that someone had to deal with Hal's bodily functions while he was tied to that chair.

Dear show: I hate you.

(I don't really hate you. Most of the time.)

But come on. You can't keep your major canon straight over the course of 6 episodes, but in 4 out of 6 of them you can remember to throw in comments and suggestions and props to make sure we *really* get what tying someone to a chair for a month or two would entail?

1. The bucket and toilet rolls in 5x01, of course.

(crappy cap quality, cause I wasn't about to spend THAT much time on this)

Man. it still makes me crazy that they rigged this up right in front of the giant front windows.

2. Hatch's colostomy bag runneth over in 5x02.

Hatch: Shit! Bugger!
Patsy: Captain Hatch, what on earth -
Hatch: So sorry Patsy, my, uh, colostomy bag runneth over. And now I don't have poor Sophie to help, God rest her soul.
Patsy: Uh, right.
Hal: Don't look at me. I'm not doing it.
Patsy: Of course not. The very idea. THOMAS! [Tom comes running] Captain Hatch needs a hand getting cleaned up in his - his toilet area. I'm sure you can manage that.
Tom: Yeah, of course. It'd be a pleasure.
Hal: No, I didn't mean Tom should do it!
Patsy: [to Tom] A bit more suited to your skill set.

At least Hal's rehab ended up teaching Tom some marketable skills?

3. Crumb and Alan's rehab in 5x04.

Hal: Look, by bringing them into our pact, we are making it bigger. Stronger. Helping them will help us.
Alex: I don't trust them.
Hal: Good, don't. They're junkies. But with the right sort of help, they can change. If I can be redeemed, surely they can too.

4. Hal's only back in the chair for like 5 minutes in 5x05, but Alex remembers the importance of the bucket.

And really, 500 years of off-and-on abstinence from blood and Hal really hasn't come up with a better method for making it through the first stages of withdrawal than tying himself to a chair with plastic sheeting underneath? Really?

I would have spent a good portion of my 'good' phases actively coming up with more dignified alternatives, personally.

5. Ugh, going back to 5x04, Crumb and Alan get the bucket too. Gross. Seriously, Hal. Wouldn't it have been preferable to just stake them?

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